Meditation comes in all forms for different people. For most, it is sitting in silence with their body still. For me, well it’s not. The feeling of slipping on padded and supported running shoes is just the beginning of my Zen session.

I started running when I was 16. Leaving Jetty Road was my motivation to do start. It is what made me want to run. I remember the morning I did, I felt everything that was described in that book. Pure lightness and awareness of your body. Since then, running has been my favorite escape. Unfortunately, that beautiful habit died 4 years ago.

This morning I ran.

The sky blue canvas that I run towards is comforting and heavenly. The chill breeze dances around my body which then makes my lungs stronger. The soundtrack of life surrounds me as the birds sing their morning tone. The vibration of the pavement makes me grateful for my youth.

Meditation comes in all forms for different people. My Zen session begins with my shoes.

How does your Zen session begin?


It hasn’t been long since I’ve started this minimal journey and so far I have found, like any other lifestyle, it has its downside. I feel like not a lot of people talk about the negative sides of minimalism. I will say I regret nothing and I feel like the negatives aren’t really major. Though I do believe they are at least worth discussing.

Cons of a minimal lifestyle

  1. I suck at taking care of clothes and shoes. If you try to look for white in my closet, you’re going to be looking for a long time. Nothing that was once white is white. My white converse, well ha, let’s just say I no longer call them my white converse. I have a hard time taking care of my clothing and making them last a long time. I don’t buy anything expensive which means most of the fabrics I use are sensitive. It is an issue I can learn to manage but unfortunately, my life includes lots of spills which then turns into stains.
  2. I miss the joys of shopping. I don’t shop like I used to. I don’t compulsively buy anything. I don’t buy clothing that I know I won’t wear. I don’t buy random things for my home. Shopping used to be an escape and a way to not think about anything else. Now, when I shop, all I do is think. “Am I really going to wear this?” “Do I really want to bring this into my home?” It never ends.
  3. I find myself comparing my practice of minimalism to others who are also minimalists. Minimalism doesn’t have a rulebook. It doesn’t have a set of rules that you have to follow. There aren’t any classes to graduate as a minimalist. When you see minimalism on the internet, most times you see clean white walls and clean cut objects. You see spaces that have next to nothing. Everyone is different when it comes to minimalism. Which makes it hard to not compare and see if you are doing it right or making sure you have fewer things so it doesn’t look like you are talking out of your ass. It is not a competition. Everyone is on their own journey. As soon as I remember that, I can at least move on to something productive, which doesn’t make it as obsessive.
  4. Donating becomes obsessive. Whenever I put clothes away or start cleaning, I can’t help but try and think about the next thing I can put in the donation bin. I don’t know about anyone else, but donating is addicting. Once you start transitioning your mindset to minimalism, you start to see everything differently and for me, there are constant questions running through my head..”Am I using this?” “Do I need it?” “Does it make me happy?” And don’t even get me started on the counting obsession.
  5. Not everyone will understand or respect it. Not everyone will understand why you are switching to the minimal lifestyle. People get dependent on the things they own and living in a material world, you look like an alien. People will still try and give you extra things, your partner doesn’t fully understand so he brings home all kinds of things. People will think you are weird or cheap because you go shopping and only buy 2 things compared to everyone else with bags filled. I don’t always mind it. I just remember that I live how I live. Everyone lives differently.
  6. You want to to make everyone minimalists.  This is the worst one for me. Seeing people being materialistic drives me nuts. All I want to do is explain to them why it’s all not important and declutter their homes and minimalize what they have. It makes me anxious being around someone else’s clutter. I have always been a neat freak, so this stems from my childhood. Now that I am being more minimal, I see clutter and unnecessary items people have and I don’t want to tell them what to do, but man does it bother me.


All in all, I love my new lifestyle and the cons don’t come close to the pros.

Are you a minimalist? What drives you nuts?


Weight gain is such a trigger for me and my eating disorder. It’s an automatic thing for me to fill up on coffee and keep my focus on anything but food when the extra pounds start building up. The difference from then and now is I catch myself and I know it won’t end well if it continues.

So what’s next? Giving myself a great pep talk and dealing with it in a healthy way.

Weight Gain

STOP BEING NEGATIVE! Weight gain happens to everyone. It comes from anywhere. Stress, being super busy, events, change of diet, water weight, clutter in your home, loss of motivation, an emotional barrier that is contributing to feeling like you need that extra layer, PMS or just plain laziness.

Weight gain happens to the best of us and it is OK. Being focused on the negative will only make you feel depressed. Focusing on the fact that it can be fixed is what’s going to make the difference.

FIGURE OUT WHY! The weight is coming from somewhere. The question is why it’s happening. It is so important to always ask why! Figuring out where the weight is coming from will make it that much easier to lose it. Find the problem and solve it. Are you eating lots of fatty foods? Are you emotionally eating? Is your schedule making it harder to work out? Are you dehydrated?

Learning what your reasonings are will teach yourself about what habits you fall into and that will only help you make better decisions later.

Why have I gained weight?: Laziness, dehydration and eating bad foods.

EAT! Now, how the fuck does that help you lose this extra weight?? Well… it’s not about how much I eat, it’s about what I eat. Eating junk food is easy. Feeding your body processed food is fast and delicious. But let’s face it, it makes you fat if you eat enough of it.

I went to the grocery store this past Sunday and bought nothing but nutritional food. Foods that actually give my body the means to lose the fat I want and gain muscle to keep me lean and strong. Eating less will just make my body go into starvation mode and keep the fat it can even longer. The more I workout, the more I have to eat.

DRINK WATER! Keeping yourself hydrated is so important, I can’t say it enough… Eight cups a day at LEAST. Can’t stand water? Put some fruit in it and keep it moving. Can’t seem to drink enough? Here are some ways that might help you.

WORK OUT! Sitting on the couch and consuming food doesn’t do anybody any good for weight loss. I love the feeling of working out. The burn and sense of relief afterward are truly addicting. When it comes down to getting that first motivation to start is what kills the action of actually starting. It can be hard. But, I am determined to get a schedule going this week to get my groove back on.

I like to work out after lunch time, Ariana takes a nap and I like to do a little of cardio and then strength training. Reminding myself about the workouts I enjoy keeps me motivated to do them again. I have the passion for writing lists and making plans but I am not always good at going through with them. I know, my bad habits.. I want to lose a few pounds, so I feel pretty good about it. Figure out what keeps you motivated.

Just remember, you are so beautiful. Everybody fluctuates, give yourself a break and once you figure out what the reasoning behind it is, it becomes motivation.

Feel free to leave comments on how you deal with weight gain. Sharing is caring!


Since I have been working on being minimal, my eyes have changed and I am constantly learning about myself; why I do the things that I do and hold onto the things that I do. This past week, I have learned why I pack what I pack during travels. I have learned that I don’t need half of it and what I use the “what if” card on.

I am pretty sure everyone is guilty of using the “what if” card. Whether it is time for a purge of things or when they are packing for a trip. When you are not sure what to expect, it is easy to do so. People like to be prepared for whatever they can think of. So, it’s easy to pack those extra pairs of shoes or that extra outfit. And don’t forget those extra toiletries.


I learned I overpack. I overpacked jewelry that I didn’t wear. I overpacked makeup I didn’t touch. I overpacked clothes I didn’t wear. I overpacked shoes I didn’t use. I think I was ok on the toiletries because I kept with the basics and I don’t use shampoo or any other products on my hair besides coconut. But, other than that, I only used half of what I brought. Very annoying haha..

When I saw all of the things I didn’t use, I learned where I used the “what if” card. I was able to ask myself why I feel like I need to bring the extra crap that I really didn’t need. Being minimal is about learning what my necessities are and as time goes by, and I ask the question “why?”, I am able to learn about myself and work on what I want to work on to better myself.

The message I am trying to put out there is to find out where your “what if” card tends to linger and figure out what it is you are preparing yourself for. Is it necessary? Why is it necessary? What can you do to make it work better for you?

It is important to ask why. It is important to understand yourself to better yourself.